With summer already here, it’s time to consider your dress collection. How's it looking in there? Is your current selection of dresses still offering everything you want and need? We all want to look our best in a dress, whether in a fun setting or for something more professional. Let's make that happen, with this list of “must haves” in your dress collection.

Maxi Dress

Every wardrobe needs a basic maxi dress for women. Few dresses offer more versatility than the maxi, and this piece works well in the office or outside enjoying the rays. Enjoy appropriate coverage at the top, while the lengthy skirt provides flirty playfulness. Maxi dresses, unlike many other styles, can also look and feel great in any season of the year. Of course maxi dresses look their best on days spent with lots of fun and play.

Mid Length Dress

Another versatile offering that leans a bit more to the fun side of the wardrobe is the mid length dress for women. This style smartly offers ample coverage for family-friendly or work-recreational events, while revealing enough to be both playful and comfortable even on the hottest days. Consider this dress as a great option for going on friendly visits, fun day trips, or daytime parties.

Shirt Dress

When searching for the most casual dress look that also keeps a sense of style, try the shirt dress for women. Also known as a “T Shirt Dress,” this style is inspired by the look, feel, and comfort of a typical short sleeved shirt, just extended long enough to form a dress, Shirt dresses emphasise comfort above all else. They perfectly complement a day of running errands, playing with the kids, travelling in the car, hanging out around the house, or informal visits with family and friends. These styles of dresses often come in cuts that flatter a wide range of figures.


Short Dress

Does the occasion call for you to dare to reveal just a bit more? Feeling like showing off a bit of your wild side? Check out our wide selection of short dresses for women. Our selection includes both shorter versions of some of our most popular styles, as well as original specific designs for this length. One of our most popular short dress styles is the Chia, with subtle narrow straps on the shoulder and playful ruffles from the waist down. This timeless style looks great during daytime excursions or when enjoying the local nightlife.


Tank Dress

Tank dresses are similar to the famous shirt dress. They offer the same versatility, fun, and comfort as the shirt dress, but in the style of an extended tank top. Our tank dresses for women come in as many different styles as your can find in tank tops. Some have wide straps while others feature spaghetti-style straps. We also have tank dresses with plain fronts, ruffles, and more.

Shift Dress

Feeling retro? The shift dress serves as a variation on the tank dress with fashion origins that date back as far as the 1960s. This style looks and feels as fresh today as when it first emerged onto the bohemian scene back in the flower power era. These pieces offer appropriate coverage in all the right areas, while remaining similar to the short dress in the amount of leg revealed. The shift dress can come in a range of bright retro colours and floral prints, so you are bound to find something to match your own sense of style. You will stand out in a crowd, while feeling comfortable and looking fabulous in a beautiful shift dress.

Off the Shoulder

No dress style combines elegance with sexiness in quite the same way as an off the shoulder dress. Beauties like Rita Hayworth expressed themselves in a timeless fashion by baring their shoulders in beautiful dresses, and the tradition continues to this day. Off the shoulder dresses can come in a variety of shapes and styles that can fit any figure or taste. This style of dress can perfectly match more formal, but still fun, events. It also works well when going to higher-end venues for food, arts, or other entertainment.

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